Exif Metadata



  • Location: KringleCon/Courtyard
  • Elf: Piney Sappington
  • Objective Link 1:

Elf's Objective Message

Hi ho, Piney Sappington at your service!

Well, honestly, I could use a touch of your services. You see, I've been looking at these documents, and I know someone has tampered with one file. Do you think you could log into this Cranberry Pi and take a look? It has exiftool installed on it, if that helps you at all. I just... Well, I have a feeling that someone at that other conference might have fiddled with things. And, if you help me figure this tampering issue out, I’ll give you some hints about OSINT, especially associated with geographic locations!

The goal of this terminal challenge is to teach you about file Metadata and EXIFTOOL usage.

To solve this terminal challenge click the terminal. You want to find the file that jack frost has tampered with.

Run the command exiftool * -lastmodifiedby.


This command shows a list of files and the last modified by metadata field. From the above result, you can see the file 2021-12-21.docx was modified by Jack Frost.