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KringleCon 4 Welcome to the 2021 SANS Holiday Hack Challenge, featuring KringleCon 4: Calling Birds. This year, we're back at Santa’s castle, but there’s a big new structure next door and talk of a new conference competing with KringleCon! 2022-01-05
KringleCon 3 This years KringleCon conference was full of exciting challenges and amazing talks. This guide will walk you through the objectives and terminal challenges for this conference. 2021-01-11
Migrating Blog from Jekyll to MkDocs on GitHub Pages Getting bored with your blog layout? Looking to get it more organized with a snappy side bar and a cool search option? 2021-01-08
KringleCon 2 Every year around the holidays SAN releases their CTF Holiday Hack challenge. These Holiday Hack challenges consists of a story and a mystery that revolve around the holidays and Santa. This write-up will provide a walkthrough of the Holiday Hack Challenge. It includes a walkthrough of each objectives and terminal challenge. It will also provide inspiring quotes, hints and strategies on solving future challenges. 2020-01-13
How to Deobfuscate JavaScript It's the weekend and you ran out of things to do? Why don't you try deobfuscating this malicious Javascript! 2019-06-16
How to Sign Up for Hack The Box Bored? Want to keep your skills fresh or learn a few more? Check out Hack The Box Pen-Testing Labs! 2019-04-22