• Location: FrostFest/Frost Tower Lobby
  • Troll: Gordy Goiterson

Troll's Objective Message

Hrmph. Snrack! Pthbthbthb. Gnerphk. Well, on to business. I'm Grody Goiterson. ... It's a family name. So hey, this is the Frostavator. It runs on some logic chips... that fell out. I put them back in, but I must have mixed them up, because it isn't working now. If you don't know much about logic gates, it's something you should look up. If you help me run the elevator, maybe I can help you with something else. I'm pretty good with FPGAs, if that's worth something to ya'.

This terminal is located in the Frost Tower Lobby at FrostFest. Solving this terminal challenge provides additional hints for objective 13. To view the hints for this terminal challenge use the menu on the left.

To solve this terminal challenge you need to fix the frostavator by configuring the logic gates.

Click on frostavator and click on open panel.


Arrange the logic gates as follow to fix the frostavator.