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KringleCon 4: Calling Birds!

By Mo Sharif


This year's KringleCon conference was full of exciting challenges and amazing talks. This guide will walk you through the objectives and terminal challenges for this conference.

Here are the objectives and terminal challenges in this year's KringleCon:


Objective Number Objective Name Difficulty ELF Location
1 KringleCon Orientation Jingle Ringford North Pole/Orientation
2 Where in the World is Caramel Santaigo? Tangle Coalbox KringleCon/Courtyard
3 Thaw Frost Tower's Entrance Grimy McTrollkins North Pole
4 Slot Machine Investigation FrostFest/Frost Tower Lobby
5 Strange USB Device Morcel Nougat KringleCon/Speaker UNPreparedness Room
6 Shellcode Primer Ruby Cyster FrostFest/Jack's Office
7 Printer Exploitation FrostFest/Jack's Office
8 Kerberoasting on an Open Fire 5/5
9 Splunk! Angel Candysalt KringleCon/Great Room
10 Now Hiring!
11 Customer Complaint Analysis
12 Frost Tower Website Checkup 5/5 Ingreta Tude FrostFest/Jack's Studio
13 FPGA Programming Crunchy Squishter FrostFest/Frost Tower Rooftop


Terminal Number Terminal Name ELF Location
1 Cranberry Pi Terminal Jingle Ringford North Pole/Orientation
2 Exif Metadata Piney Sappington KringleCon/Courtyard
3 Grepping for Gold Greasy GopherGuts North Pole
4 Logic Muchers Noel Boetie North Pole/ Outside Santa's Castle
5 IPv6 Sandbox Jewel Loggins KringleCon/Talks Lobby
6 Holiday Hero Chimney Scissorsticks KringleCon/Netwars
7 Shellcode Primer Ruby Cyster FrostFest/Jack's Office
8 HoHo … No Eve Snowshoes KringleCon/Santa's Office
9 Yara Analysis Fitzy Shortstack KringleCon/Entry
10 IMDS Exploration Noxious O. D'or FrostFest/Jack's Executive Restroom
11 Strace Ltrace Retrace Tinsel Upatree KringleCon/Kitchen
12 Elf Code Python Ribb Bonbowford KringleCon/Dining Room
13 Frostavator Gordy Goiterson FrostFest/Frost Tower Lobby
14 Bonus! Blue Log4Jack Bow Ninecandle North Pole
15 Bonus! Red Log4Jack Icky McGoop North Pole