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KringleCon Narrative

The KringleCon narrative is the game's storyline. The narrative progresses as different objectives are solved. The full narrative can be viewed once all the objectives have been completed.

The Narrative

Listen children to a story that was written in the cold

'Bout a Kringle and his castle hosting hackers, meek and bold

Then from somewhere came another, built his tower tall and proud

Surely he, our Frosty villain hides intentions 'neath a shroud

So begins Jack's reckless mission: gather trolls to win a war

Build a con that's fresh and shiny, has this yet been done before?

Is his Fest more feint than folly? Some have noticed subtle clues

Running 'round and raiding repos, stealing Santa's Don'ts and Do's

Misdirected, scheming, grasping, Frost intends to seize the day

Funding research with a gift shop, can Frost build the better sleigh?

Lo, we find unlikely allies: trolls within Jack's own command

Doubting Frost and searching motive, questioning his dark demand

Is our Jack just lost and rotten - one more outlaw stomping toes?

Why then must we piece together cludgy, wacky radios?

With this object from the heavens, Frost must know his cover's blown

Hearkening from distant planet! We the heroes should have known

Go ahead and hack your neighbor, go ahead and phish a friend

Do it in the name of holidays, you can justify it at year's end

There won't be any retweets praising you, come disclosure day

But on the snowy evening after? Still Kris Kringle rides the sleigh