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Objective 7 - Solve the Sleigh's CAN-D-BUS Problem


Objective 7

The Sleigh CAN-D-BUS is on the roof (Netwars Level). The terminal challenge for this objective is CAN-Bus Investigation, which is offered by Wunorse Openslae.

Objective 7


Solving the terminal challenge CAN-Bus Investigation provides additional hints for this objective. To view the hints or the walk-through for this terminal challenge, use the menu on the left.

To start this objective, go to the roof and click on "Sleigh CAN-D-BUS ". This action will open the live console for the Sleigh CAN-D-BUS system. It displays the controls and live output of Epoch Time and ID Message (CAN BUS ID Codes). You need to use the filter to remove Jack's malicious messages.

Objective 7

Start this challenge by filtering everything out that is automatically generated. You want to manipulate the controls one at a time to find the corresponding Messages ID. Here is what you can exclude to filter out the automatic messages:

Objective 7

Press different controls to identify the Message ID for each of the controls. Once you identified most of the controls with the above filters, start removing the filters one at a time. Each time, try to identify any additional Message IDs for the controls.

Here are the Message IDs for the controls:

  Lock - 19B#000000000000
  Unlock - 19B#00000F000000
  Stop - 02A#0000FF
  Start - 02A#00FF00
  Steering - 19#HEXVALUE
  Break - 080#HEXVALUE
  Heartbeat? - 188
  Accelerator - 244#HEXVALUE

By manipulating each control you can find the acceptable hex values for each control. The break acceptable value is between 0x000000 - 0x000064 (0-100). The unlock acceptable hex values is 00000F000000.

Using this information, create exclusions to filter out the invalid values.

Objective 7


  Exclude 19B Equals 0000000F2057
  Exclude 080 Contains FFFFF