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KringleCon Talks

Here is the list of talks available for KringleCon 3:

Title (link) Speaker Notes
START HERE: Welcome and Tips Ed Skoudis Intro and Tips
Open S3 Buckets: Still a Problem In 2020 Josh Wright Related to Objective 2
CAN Bus Can-Can Chris Elgee Related to Objective 7 and CAN-Bus Investigation
Working with the Official Naughty/Nice Blockchain... Prof. Qwerty Petabyte Related to Objective 11a and 11b
Adversary Emulation and Automation Dave Herrald Related to Objective 6
HID Card Hacking Larry Pesce Related to Objective 5
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Raptor: Acquiring Triage Images via EDR Dan Banker
Give Yourself a Blog for Christmas Jack Rhysider Darknet Diaries
Red Teaming: Why Organizations Hack Themselves David Tomaschik
IOMs vs. IOAs in AWS Spencer Gietzen
Attacking and Hardening Kubernetes Jay Beale
Random Facts About Mersenne Twisters Tom Liston Related to Snowball game and Objective 11a/11b
Offensive Security Tools: Providing Value with the C2 Matrix Jorge Orchilles