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Objective 5 - Open HID Lock


Objective 5

The HID lock is located in Santa's Workshop.

Objective 5


There are two terminal challenges for this objective:

  1. "33.6kbps" offered by Fitzy Shortstack (located in the Kitchen).
  2. "Speaker UNPrep" offered by Bushy Evergreen (located in the Talks Level).

Solving these terminal challenges provides additional hints for this objective. To view the hints or the walk-through for these terminal challenges, use the menu on the left.

To start this objective you need to go to the workshop. You need to go to the wrapping room that is located above the workshop. In the wrapping room, you will find the item Proxmark3 on the floor.

Objective 5

Based on the hints from the terminal challenges, you need to use the Proxmark3 to read the hid code from a specific character and simulate it at the HID Lock to unlock it. You can interact with the Proxmark3 from the items menu.

Objective 5

Objective 5

Explore the castle and each time you're standing near a character, type lf hid read in the Proxmark3 console.

Here are the hids for some of the characters in the castle:

  Noel Boetie
  #db# TAG ID: 2006e22ee1 (6000) - Format Len: 26 bit - FC: 113 - Card: 6000

  Bow Ninecandle
  #db# TAG ID: 2006e22f0e (6023) - Format Len: 26 bit - FC: 113 - Card: 6023

  Sparkle Redberry/Ginger Breddie
  #db# TAG ID: 2006e22f0d (6022) - Format Len: 26 bit - FC: 113 - Card: 6022

  Holly Evergreen/Fitzy Shortstack
  #db# TAG ID: 2006e22f10 (6024) - Format Len: 26 bit - FC: 113 - Card: 6024

  Shinny Upatree
  #db# TAG ID: 2006e22f13 (6025) - Format Len: 26 bit - FC: 113 - Card: 6025

One of the hints is that Santa trusts Shinny Upatree (located on the front lawn). Once you have Shinny's HID TAG ID, go to the workshop and replay the TAG using the command:

   LF hid sim  -r 2006e22f13

Objective 5

As you walk through the unlocked door, you see a set of eyes at the end of the hallway.

Objective 5

Clicking on the eyes transports you into Santa's body in the entryway.

Objective 5


Find the Proxmark3 in Wrapping Room inside of Workshop. Read Shinny Upatree TAG ID using the Proxmark3 with the command lf hid read. Simulate Shinny Upatree TAG using the Proxmark3 with the command LF hid sim -r 2006e22f13.