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Here are the answers to this year's KringleCon:

Objective 1


Objective 2

North Pole: The Frostiest Place on Earth

Objective 3


Objective 4

Configure the panel as such to fully power the panel.

Objective 4

Item Location
Elevator Service Key Sparkle Redberry
Green Bulb Courtyard (top left)
Hex Bolt Dining Room
Hex Bolt Entryway by Elevator
Broken Candycane Front Lawn (near the passage to Entry)
Red Bulb Talks Level Lobby near Chimney Scissorsticks
Yellow Bulb Netwars level near Wunorse Openslae

Objective 5

Find the Proxmark3 in Wrapping Room inside of Workshop. Read Shinny Upatree TAG ID using the Proxmark3 with the command lf hid read. Simulate Shinny Upatree TAG using the Proxmark3 with the command LF hid sim -r 2006e22f13.

Objective 6

The Lollipop Guild

Objective 7

Exclude 19B Equals 0000000F2057 Exclude 080 Contains FFFFF

Objective 8


Objective 9

Tanta Kringle

Objective 10

Find and replace&& hastoken('besanta') with || hastoken('besanta') in app.js for Save the file by pressing "CTRL-S" and click the fingerprint sensor.

Objective 11a


Objective 11b