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Art and Music

As always KringleCon has amazing music and art. This page contains examples of the art and details about where you can download your copy of the music.


Here are some of the art in the KringleCon 3:

Art Art Art Art Art Art


The full music album can be downloaded at: KringleCon 3 Free Album

Here are the titles:

Dual Core - Falling
Mary Ellen Kennel - I Wish I Could be Santa Claus
Ninjula - Girl form Ipanema
Ninjula - I could be Santa
Ninjula - I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claws
Ninjula - Need a little Xmas
Ninjula - Santa Claws is back in town
Ninjula - You're a maen one, Mr Grinch
Josh Skoudis - I'm The Real Santa
Josh Skoudis ft. Devin Kelly - Is That You Santa Clause.mp3